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About Kundeshwar

Kundeshwar is a village situated in Tikamgarh District, 5 km south of Tikamgarh, Madhya Pradesh, India. It is known for kundadev Mahadev an ancient temple on the bank of the Jamdhar river, and is the location of Kundadev Mahadev Temple. According to ethics, Banpur was the capital of Banasur the king of demons and a great devotee of the Lord Siva Mahadev, her daughter Usha Devi was also a dedicated and regular devotee of this Shiv Linga of Mahadev in midnight. Usha Devi was married to Anirudha, the grandson of Lord Krishna and son of Pradumna. It is believed, that that Shiv Linga has emerged from the Kunda of Bagwar Kshatriya, Rajput clan landlady.
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