Our culture holds water and rivers in very high esteem, revering them as a god and mother, respectively. Our holy scriptures equate water to life itself and lay great emphasis on its conservation.

Importance and significance of mother Narmada, the lifeline of Madhya Pradesh, can hardly be overemphasized. Narmada is not merely a river; it represents a complete culture and civilization. This divine and mystique river has been glorified even by the 'Vedas' . We have been worshipping it as Mother Goddess Narmada for ages, out of a deep sense of gratitude. It is only due to its ambrosia- like water that the land along its bank has all along been so fertile, conferring prosperity on us. The banks of Narmada are strewn with centers of pilgrimage and temples where the seekers have attained spiritual elevation and perfection for eons. The villages and towns situated along it became prosperous. I myself grew up playing with the waves of its water that is pure as the heart of a saint.